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Summer health fire prevention fire herbal tea can not drinkSummer health fire prevention fire


Stay up all night to eat hot pressure is easy to "get angry"

Hot weather, there are still a lot of people like the air conditioner cold drink while eating side Red oil Hot pot. Many people eat the mouth as fun, but a hotel door on the exclamation "belly like a fire burning", and even diarrhea, anal bleeding, second days of sore throat, mouth ulcers, a house and headed for the herbal tea shops to rush to "fire", persist in a few days in a row, drink stomach no can "anger" seems to be, don't tell why a kept blaming "ghost weather, too hot"!

"Chinese speak 'correspondence between man and nature', high summer temperatures, the body Yang has partial Wang, really easy to get angry." Experts said, the day heat is only an external cause, in fact, daily life caused by improper body imbalance of yin and Yang, is a major cause of deficiency heat or excess heat partial sheng.

Especially like to stay up late, eat spicy or population pressure, yin and yang are more easily disorder, often more prone to hoarseness, dry mouth, sore throat, mouth ulcers and other symptoms of "excessive internal heat".

The fire must first distinguish between "virtual", ""

A lot of people "get angry" symptoms will go to "after" two cups, but sometimes effective, sometimes more drink more appetite, what is the reason?

"Random drink herbal tea is not always clear fire." The expert points out, a lot of people do not know how to identify himself as the real fire or fire symptoms just drink herbal tea, drink may also hurt the stomach.

What is "real fire", "fire"? Expert explanation says, although is the imbalance of yin and Yang, but the former is the Yang too popular, traditional Chinese medicine treatment principle should be "heat Reduce Pathogenic Fire"; the latter is hurt Yin, the relative surplus of Yin Yang, need "". Also because of such, Yin Yang Sheng if mistaken for a taste of clearing away heat and cool tea drink to "fire", not only destroyed "fire", but also damage the vital qi, run counter to one's desire.

"Even discern the truth, herbal tea is not everyone can freely drink when the drink." The expert points out, Yang piansheng young "lit" how "excess heat", little heat clearing and detoxifying herbal tea to drink two cups problem. But for the spleen yang deficiency of children or organ function degradation of the elderly or infirm to "do", not to hurt the stomach heat over.

Of course, litchi, longan, durian fruit eating too many easy to get angry, when not overdo sth.; and mung bean soup, winter melon soup and Chrysanthemum Tea may be appropriate for standing, a young and drinking to prevent "fire" down "fire"